With the continuation of lock-down and still uncertainty for those businesses who are still closed, I remind myself that this isn’t the first crisis I have had to overcome in business. I have seen many a shift in the business environment, economic climate or the business model which has resulted in a newly evolved business and working environment.
My own experiences include navigating a recession and having to put the solar side of my business into administration due to government changes totally outside of my control.
With so many people still working from home or still on furlough, here I share my thoughts and key insights to help us all prepare for our re-emergence into what I believe will be a newly evolved business and working environment. I feel that one thing is for sure: it will not be “Business as Usual” when this lockdown is lifted and the pandemic is managed and contained. It will be a “Newly Evolved Business and Working Environment”, which has not been tested or experienced before.

42 days to create a habit

When we do a task repeatedly (for around 42 days or more), we will normally create a habit or a regular tendency that will be hard to give up. It’s crucial as businesspeople and work colleagues that we understand this, because working from home and staying at home will be affecting us all. As new habits and regular ways of doing things emerge, these new habits will stay with us when we re-emerge and return to work.


When we re-emerge into this “Newly Evolved Business and Working Environment” it may feel like stepping off an aircraft in a country you have never visited before. All your senses will be on overdrive and acutely aware of the smallest change! So, we will all need to show a lot more empathy towards our work colleagues than ever before in order to be able to quickly adapt to this changed environment.

The new normal

Of course I am not exactly sure what the ‘new normal’ will look like. I am however sure that there will be a lot of change and that for the first days after re-emerging back into the work field, we will all need each other.

This will feel in itself strange as we will be so used to working remotely and alone. The support and reassurance from our Managers and Directors will be crucial and of paramount importance. If we use the same old “Business as Usual” approach things will not work out for the better.

Motivation and Training

I feel there will be an immediate need to motivate and train our Managers, Directors and work colleagues. This is based on my previous knowledge of business change. When the working environment changes most people react with negative feelings. These negative feelings need to be captured immediately, harnessed and transformed into a positive energy. It is vitally important we don’t let the negative feelings manifest themselves and spread to other work colleagues.


If everyone in the business community prepares for this re-emergence, accepts that this will be an “evolved” way of working, applies the empathy required and grasps the opportunity to re-motivate all of their work colleagues, we will all adapt. We will be able to change this “Newly Evolved Business and Working Environment ” into the norm quickly and will be all the more invigorated for doing so.

If you’re struggling with the changes in your working environment and need help to get your business back on track or employees onboard then contact me today.


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