Help and guidance from a mentor can be extremely valuable in business. It is helpful however to have a realistic expectation when engaging a mentor. They are there to give you guidance based on their own experiences and there are certain things a business mentor won’t do for you. Here are my to 3 things a Business Mentor won’t do for you:

Do your work for you!

A mentor isn’t a miracle worker or a ‘fix-all’ or all the challenges you are facing in business. Having been on both sides of the mentoring relationship, it is important that you realise from the offset that a mentor is there to help and assist – not do your work for you!

Tell you how to do your job!

Mentors won’t tell you what to do or when to do it. They will however help you to reach your goals on your own steam as long as you are willing to put the effort in.

Pull you along!

A business mentor will only want to work with someone who has the passion to move forward. We all waver at times and sometimes find it hard to find the motivation. Where a business mentor will aim to reignite your passion in your business, they will not pull or drag you along if you are unable or unwilling to put in the effort yourself!

They will not lead you or tell you which direction you should be going in. You must have the situation in mind and a good Business Mentor will use their own business experience to help you and guide you on your journey.


Further advice regarding mentoring can be found at the Association of Business Mentors who are working to improve business mentoring across the UK.


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