Mentoring services for IOD members

The Association of Business Mentors (ABM) has negotiated ‘preferred partner’ status with the Institute of Directors (IOD), with the aim of offering mentoring services for IOD members at a preferential rate.

In doing so, the ABM has had to identify a Framework of high quality mentoring professionals from within its membership in order to provide such high quality mentoring services for IOD members.

Acceptance on to the IOD and ABM Framework

I am very pleased to announce that I have been accepted and approved for inclusion on this framework.

“The panel found your application to be inspirational, considered and outstanding as an example of highlighting the positive work you do as a professional business mentor and the value you bring to your clients. Your proven and evidenced dedication to the betterment of our profession and your ongoing learning commitment is something you should be most proud of.”


Mentoring services for IOD members

What the Framework means for IOD members

The Framework has been put in place to provide IOD members with the support and assistance they need as their business grows.

The Association of Business Mentors (ABM) champions professional Business Mentoring across the UK and is the only organisation that recognises credible, professional Business Mentors through its strict application process. All members have had experience of running their own businesses and as such have all ‘been there and done it’.

The Offer of mentoring services for IOD Members

IOD members should expect the following mentoring or coaching service for a fixed price fee of £1500.

  • Six sessions of 60 minutes – 1-2-1 assistance from a professional business mentor who has had experience of running their own business:
    • Benefit from an external prospective and fresh insight
    • Benefit from years of business experience
    • Challenge your current reality and methods of work
    • Help to reach your goals
    • FREE ABM/IOD Mentor/Mentee matching Service to help find your perfect Mentor
  • FREE ABM Mentoring Handbook on How to Choose a Mentor
  • Mentoring beyond the 6 sessions should you so wish (please note that fees may revert to the Mentors published commercial rate

All ABM members are vetted and given regular training, support and peer supervision, enabling them to deliver the results that small and medium business owners need.

To find a Business Mentor please contact the ABM direct at  .

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