There are some truly scary facts about business mentoring in the UK. In the world of business mentoring, there are over 45,000 people in the UK claiming to be business mentors. It might surprise you therefore to learn that:

  1. Out of those 45,000 only 1,500 have ever run their own business (and YES – I am one of them)!
  2. That’s less than 3% of those claiming to be ‘business mentors’ who have actually run their own company
  3. 73% of businesses who do use an experienced business mentor go on to be a success.

That’s pretty thought provoking! It would seem that as more and more people loose their jobs, more ‘business mentors’ are springing up. Where a lot of these ‘mentors’ are business professionals, it is fair to says that most come from corporate organisations. Very few have ever had to have accountability for running their own empire! That’s quite a scary thought if you’re planning on trusting in someones else’s ability to help you!

Pick your Business Mentor Wisely!

I am very please to say that I have been accepted as a member of The Association of Business Mentors (ABM).

Association of Business MentoringThe Association of Business Mentors (ABM) is working hard to improve standards in the business mentoring world.  Where anyone can set themselves up to be a business mentor – through member training and accountability, the ABM aims to set standards and professionalise business mentoring. It is also striving to improve access to highly experienced business mentors and coaches across the UK.

Thinking about the above facts about business mentoring – if you are seeking a business mentor it is SO important that you engage someone who has truly been there and done it! Engaging a mentor who is a member of the ABM means you can be confident in the quality of the mentoring and the ability of the person you have engaged.

Those seeking business mentors can be confident in the quality of the mentoring they receive from an ABM member.

You can learn more about my own experiences in business here.

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