As many businesses have suffered badly from the impact of lockdown through the Covid19 virus, I wanted to talk about how business mentoring can help your mental health.

Mental Health Awareness week centred around Kindness in 2020 which was quite apt with such uncertainty surrounding many people. Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is focussed around nature and the positive affect nature can have on your mental well-being.

As many of you will know however, running your own business very often takes you away from the things which provide a calming influence in our lives such as enjoying our natural surroundings.

Business owners face many barriers which can prevent them from enjoying the simple things in life such as our natural surroundings. This is where enlisting a business mentor can help with your mental health and really help with your well-being!


Business Mentoring can help your mental health

In the spirit of this years Mental Health Awareness Week, how many of you business owners would like to be be in position to enjoy take time off to enjoy the great outdoors but feel that you can’t? To be able to enjoy a lovely spring day without those feelings of guilt that you are not working your backside off 24/7? Without worrying about every trivial thing every minute of the day?

Here are just a few ways in which business mentoring will have a positive impact in helping you achieve a better work / life balance which will undoubtedly improve  your health and well-being.

1. Reducing the feeling of loneliness & stress

Anyone who has run their own business will totally get it when I say that it is an extremely lonely place. It constantly feels like nobody is on your wave length and every problem is on your own shoulders.

Whilst your employees go home and have a life your mind doesn’t turn off and you don’t feel you have anyone to share these stresses with.

A business mentor gives help and support to others. Sharing and downloading the stresses of your day to day reality in business can have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being.

The help and guidance you will receive and knowing that you are not alone will help reenergise you. The reinforcement that it is actually counterproductive to spend your every waking (and sometimes sleeping) hour worrying about your business will help suppress those feelings of guilt when you decide to take a day off.

2. Increasing your self confidence

A business mentor is there to support. They are not there to pass judgment or undermine your self confidence.

Where others may give you feelings of self doubt, mentoring provides a safe environment to explore and discuss your ideas.

This non judgemental environment in itself should give you the confidence to have proactive business discussions with someone who truly understands the position you are in.

An increase in your own self confidence has a truely positive impact on your mental health and well being.

3. Helping to carve a clear path forward

Many business owners are undoubtedly suffering from anxiety at the moment. Worrying about what the future will bring through the rest of this pandemic and beyond. For those business owners who find themselves worrying about the future, having a clear focus on where you are heading has a positive impact on your well-being.

A business mentor can work with you to plan a way forward, setting achievable goals. Achieving these goals will give a positive feeling as you realise you are actually moving forward in the right direction. This in turn will reduce anxiety as you start to feel more optimistic about your future.


Just tacking the three issues above should make a big difference to the work life balance. As you feel you are making progress, those feelings of guilt at taking time out from your business should deplete leaving you in a better mental state to work on your business.

Our Discovery Session could help you understand how mentoring could assist you to reach your goals.



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